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Photo credit: Monique de St.Croix

About Us

Making Waves is about speaking up and making a positive impact. 

1. Meet like-minded young women (14-24 years) who care about speaking up and making a difference.

2. Meet like-minded adult women with diverse ages, experiences and backgrounds who care about investing in young women and speaking up to advance gender equality.

3. Learn from Shari Graydon of Informed Opinions why women’s voices are important for making change and how to communicate powerfully and effectively.

4. Practice speaking up and building a network through Making Waves free events, bookclubs, podcasts and social media.

Photo credit: Monique de St.Croix
Photo credit: Monique de St.Croix

Meet Shari Graydon

Founder & Catalyst of Informed Opinions


A speaking event featuring the incomparable Shari Graydon sparked the inspiration for Making Waves!

Shari has spent more than 25 years shamelessly exploiting media to draw attention to issues she knows and cares about. Now she motivates and trains others to do the same, delivering highly-rated conference keynotes and practical workshops across the country. The founder and catalyst of Informed Opinions, she’s an award-winning author and womens advocate. Since 2010, she has helped amplify the voices of thousands of women across Canada.

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Our Vision

Making Waves is a workshop that encourages young women (14-24 yrs) to speak up and take action.

We welcome all women, non-binary and gender non-conforming individuals (14-24 yrs). If you self identify as someone who would benefit from these conversations, we would love for you to join.


Why it matters

Gender Gap: Women’s voices make up just 30% of the sources in public discourse even though women make up more than half of Canada’s population.

Making Waves is filling a void. By sharing our cross-generational perspectives and creating a safe place to practice speaking up, we are inspiring each other, building a sisterhood of support, and advancing gender equality. We are eager to invite more women, especially young women, from across Canada to join us in making waves.

- Hanita, Making Waves founder

Our Mission
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