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What Participants Are Saying

“I absolutely LOVED how Making Waves turned out this year. I felt very empowered after the event, especially in embracing my womanhood!”


“I didn’t know what to
expect, but I was
worried it would be
your average cliché
inspirational speech.
It was not that at all!
It far surpassed my

Photo credit: Monique de St.Croix
Photo credit: Monique de St.Croix

My heart feels so full! Thanks for such a great day.
I can’t wait to connect with you all soon.


“I was engaged the entire time, as the workshop was very thought-provoking. It was valuable to be able to speak with the accomplished women as well, because some were in a career similar to my goal, so they were able to speak to the challenges and rewards of it. I was surprised as well at how
charismatic they were and easy to talk to. I got many valuable tips just about life in general that I know will serve me well.”

Absolutely incredible! Thank you for all your efforts Hanita and team! 


“It was such a pleasure to participate in the Making Waves event today.
I am still finding my voice and I would love to be a part of a group that will give me

the opportunity to do so.”


“I’m amazed at how comfortable people were with the medium. It worked so well.
Excellent work by all speakers and those facilitating the technology.“

Photo credit: Monique de St.Croix
Photo credit: Monique de St.Croix

...thank you for this beautiful movement you have created that so many of us already have benefitted from and so many more will - E.G


“You created an incredible energy! Networking events or workshops can, at times, be intimidating or not very engaging, but you made
magic happen! You were able to set a tone of warmth, safety, and
support so that women could connect with one another with ease and 
feel like they belonged. I am so impressed!”

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