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Cornerstone event: April Workshop

On April 25, 2021 we held our third annual Making Waves workshop. We are absolutely thrilled with how the day went! This year’s virtual workshop consisted of three content rich sessions.

  1. Shari Graydon of Informed Opinions inspired us by sharing her years of experience and training in encouraging women in media and public speaking. 

  2. Panelists Solange Tuyishime, President of Elevate International; and Anne Mahon, Chancellor of the University of Manitoba, Author, and amplifier of the voices of the disempowered, shared their incredible experiences in how they speak up and make a difference.

  3. Take the Mic: an opportunity to practice speaking up and supporting those that do.

It was an inspirational day of learning and connection. Here are a few of the stunning reviews participants are sending in:

"Showstopping! The time & intentionality Hanita put in to supporting so many young women to take on roles today shone bright! All of the speakers were sensational, transitions thoughtful, every young & accomplished speaker was inspiring & so eloquent...I'm supercharged again! TYSM"

"It was so interesting and extremely fun. I haven't sat down and talked about these types of issues in a long time. It really opened my eyes to some of the misconceptions of feminism and how I could speak out for things I believe. I will definitely try to come to the next webinar next year! :)"

"Such a positive space/environment for women to speak up in."

Thank you for joining us, thank you for being such engaged and active participants, and thank you for your feedback.  


We work purposefully through the year to create a meaningful and content-rich event that is engaging and will inspire you to speak up. We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

Inaugural Work Shop: April 2019


The very first Making Waves Workshop was held in the stunning board room of Bennett Jones, and was attended by 50 young women and supported by 20 accomplished adult women.  It was an inspirational and magical day! Shari Graydon of Informed Opinions held a 2 hour workshop, which was followed by a catered lunch. The afternoon started with a panel of young women who shared their experiences, concerns and aspirations for the future, and invited the participants to take the mic and join the conversation.  For the final session 10 adult women told their stories of agency, in a fast-paced style.  Interspersed throughout the day were opportunities to practice networking and building a support network.  Created by and for young women, the day was a massive success.



Photo credit: Monique de St.Croix
Photo credit: Monique de St.Croix

Making Waves goes virtual

April 2020

Weeks before the April 2020 workshop, planned with an entire new group of young wavemakers, the pandemic swept the world. Our young wavemakers insisted the workshop take place, as everything else was being cancelled. We quickly adjusted and created a concise and impactful 3.5 hour online Zoom event. This was an astonishing success! 

When it was safe, we organized a responsibly planned, outdoor, in-person event. In this year of covid, we decided to keep connected, to keep going with Making Waves. We created new and exciting opportunities to practice speaking up. 

We also expanded by adding committee members from St. Albert and Toronto. We are proud of these changes and will continue to adapt to keep making waves!

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