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Photo credit: Monique de St.Croix

How We Began 

In September 2018, Hanita Simard (pictured 2nd right) attended a workshop given by Shari Graydon about the importance of women speaking up and narrowing the gender gap in public discourse. Inspired by Shari’s message, Hanita and her then 17 year old daughter, Avery Simard (pictured 5th left), who was entering engineering decided to speak up and ask Shari about creating a workshop specifically for young women. Hanita and Avery brought together a cross-generational group of women who care about gender equality and speaking up, and with Shari they created the inaugural Making Waves event.

The Original Making Waves Committee

Our Name

An adult wave maker Amy (pictured above, fourth to the left) came up with our name by stating how women are expected to keep quiet and not rock the boat.  To challenge the status quo and make change we need to make waves by speaking up!

Our Logo

We met Shriya at HWW highschool and she agreed to design a logo for us based on our name.  We fell in love with her gorgeous hand drawn mermaid tail.  After a year of university, with more knowledge and skill acquired, she updated the hand drawn version and created a digital logo for us as well.


Photo credit: Monique de St.Croix


Grassroots beginnings

Making Waves began with a small group of dedicated women meeting around the dinner table discussing how they could make waves and make change. 


Join the Movement

Let's work together to speak up and advance gender equality. All events are free!

"I wish my daughter could have had this type of experience" 

- Carol, adult wave maker

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