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Making Waves Featured in Spur Magazine!

When were contacted by The Calgary Foundation asking if we would like to be featured in the December issue of their magazine called Spur, of course we said yes! Making Waves is all about taking the mic, and so we did.

The Calgary Foundation, who has been one of our major supporters since inception, asked if they could do a story on us for their magazine, Spur. They were incredible to work with, the magazine is wonderful, and our story is fabulous! Click on the link below to flip through the digital magazine. Our story is on page 20, but it is definitely worth your time to look through the whole issue.

Thank you to each an every one of you for your support, your interest, and believing in this crazy idea. We just passed our 2 year anniversary of our first meeting, and our third year together is already looking amazing!

See our article and full issue of Spur here:

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