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Seven Fallen Feathers Bookclub

Making Waves knocked it out of the park again with Tanya Talaga's groundbreaking, national best seller!

One word was effectively used to summarize this event: WOW. This virtual book club was not only incredibly informative regarding the damage caused by systematic racism against Indigenous Canadians, but it was also an emotional and inspirational experience. Our phenomenal guest Chochi Knott from Curve Lake First Nation in Ontario generously guided us through many aspects of her culture, as well as the personal and greater overall impacts that this shocking racism has on Canadian Indigenous youth.

100% of respondents said that this session increased their understanding of systematic racism within Canada. Thank you to our discussion panel Chochi Knott, Kaitlyn Basi, and young wavemaker Zoe Zonneveld for your candor, honesty, and expertise. This heartfelt session is one we won't be forgetting!

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