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The Making Waves Picnic!

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

In person covid summer event was a safe, fun, and inspiring time together.

Our first socially distanced event was full of fantastic connections and fun learning opportunities. Our young and adult wave makers participated in a speed dating scenario with each other to meet new people, practice conversation starters, and to hear and speak about topics that are meaningful to our wave makers.

It was so great meeting new people and being with women who want to make waves!

Shari Graydon of Informed Opinions joined us to speak about the importance of women's voices being heard. Women’s voices make up just 30% of the sources in public discourse even though women make up more than half of Canada’s population.

Sarah Rich-Zendel, who researches gender politics, introduced us to the modern zine. Earlier this year she was conducting research on domestic workers in Hong Kong and observed the pro-democracy movement up close and showed us her collection of Zines from the protests.

What is a Zine?

A zine is a self published, non-commercial piece of work that has been, and continue to be, critical to the dissemination of non-mainstream information.

We hope to see you at our next event!

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